The Lloyds national business awards is a prestigious ceremony (now in its 18th year) that rewards ambitious, successful and visionary entrepreneurs of the highest grade. With the event being attended by 1,200 business leaders, entrepreneurs, politicians and media representatives all there to celebrate achievements of the UK’s top business leaders - it was always going to be a night to remember. 
The New Entrepreneur of the Year Award celebrates the potential that exists within leaders of the UK’s most promising business’ - We were delighted to announce that the award this year was won by our very own Jordan McCabe - CEO of Aztec Diamond Equestrian.
 On winning the award Jordan said “You never really step back and look at what you’ve achieved as a brand - the whole process has really made me realise who I am as a person and what I want to be as a brand - it’s had such a huge effect on my business this year and I’m just so thankful for that”
 We could not win awards like this without our loyal customer base who put as much energy and love into living and breathing Aztec Diamond the way we do at ADHQ - so on congratulating our boss and CEO Jordan McCabe for the recognition of all her long hours, hard work, dedication and leadership - we would also like to dedicate this award to every customer and follower who has ever been part of Aztec Diamond Equestrians journey - we really couldn’t do it without you. 
Clark Warburton