The Best Equestrian TikToks of 2022 So Far

There's no better remedy to beat the January blues than swiping through funny TikTok videos. Team AD HQ is full of TikTok enthusiasts, and we've compiled together our favourite equestrian TikToks of 2022 so far just for you.

1. Horse Football Anyone?

Affectionately referred to as 'Hoof puppy' by his owner, here's a video of Phoenix the stallion being introduced to his new Christmas present: a giant blue football. Squint just a little bit and he's the image of a golden retriever puppy.


Hoof puppy gets his Christmas present

♬ original sound - Lyssa

2. There Is An Impostor Among Us

Here's how to not catch your horse in from the field. Don't quite think the herd was ready to accept this guy.

3. Home is Where The Horse Is

No literally. There is a horse in this house. 

Clearly the lack of vanity mirror in his stable lead him to this. As long as he's helping to pay the bills.

@jessica_goss When your horse decides his paddock isn’t good enough and bust through the French doors leading into the master from outside #horse#thatlaugh♬ original sound - Jessica Goss

4. Bath time!

Except there's no water. There's just mud. And lots of it.

We would bet money on him being a grey who's just been bathed 10 minutes prior to this video being taken.

5. Major Side Eye

In a turning of tables here's an owner embarrassing his horse for once.