Esme is extremely well known in the equestrian world for both her Instagram (@this_esme) YouTube (This Esme) platforms. At 19 years old, Esme has amassed over 752,000 subscribers/followers collectively, and showcases a huge range of content which feature her horses and donkeys. 

Her skill of editing and passion for horses quickly gathered the attention of others on the platform, and what had initially begun as a fun pass time suddenly expanded into an entire community of loyal subscribers. Esme keeps her content fun and engaging but most importantly it’s relatable for her audiences- a quality so valuable in a sport that can sometimes feel inaccessible.

Equestrian Advent Calendar unboxing

Following the success of our first ever advent calendar launch, In 2021 we teamed up with Esme Higgs again to celebrate the launch of our second Luxury Equestrian Advent Calendar. Still curious about it? Esme has just launched a new video over on her YouTube channel providing a complete rundown of all the gorgeous treats and products contained inside each of the 12 doors. 

Sign up for 2022 notification

Our sign up list for 2022’s Luxury Equestrian Advent Calendar is now live, so if you missed out this year you can now be first in line for 2022's release.