Why Choose Aztec Diamond Breeches…


As most of you know, Aztec Diamond has been launched just over two years now. Within those two years our products have changed a lot, especially regarding the improvement of our breeches. A lot of people ask me; apart from your breeches being stylish.. why should I purchase them? Using feedback from customers, reviews from professionals and going into detail on all the different components of the products, here is why you should choose Aztec Diamond Breeches…


The main reason I believe you should choose Aztec Diamond Breeches is the fabric. All of our breeches are made in different colour variations of the same, high quality fabric. It took us a long time to source this fabric, it is absolutely perfect for riding purposes. First of all the fabric houses four way flexible stretch, it is also quite a light robust fabric meaning the breeches feel like a complete second skin whilst being worn. The largest bit of feedback we receive for the breeches is how extremely comfortable and easy to wear they are, they can be worn all day even after riding is finished. Although the fabric is lightweight and breathable it is has complete coverage, just the right thickness for riding. We have also finished the fabrics with clima-cool and wicking technologies which draw any moisture away from the skin, keeping the rider as pleasant as possible whilst in the saddle and completing yard duties. Last factor about our fabric is how easy the breeches are to maintain, they wash on a 30, dry pretty much instantly and do not hold dirt - making them extremely easy to keep white! 


Our breeches also have carefully, well designed asymmetric paneling set over the knee to enhance movability of the knee whilst in the riding position. We have made sure no panels go over the knee cap where the bend in your leg is, also creating the crease the fabric would create when contracted   to eliminate any excess fabric. 

On the inside panel of both legs all of our breeches house a Grip-Lock system, where silicone is injected into the fabric on the main pressure point of the muscle, where the leg mostly touches the saddle. The silicone is printed in a honeycomb design in arrowed strips so the fabric can still fully move underneath. The silicone creates friction with the leather and helps to keep your leg in the right position whilst riding. 


All our breeches are also finished with a double lycra sock on the bottom of both legs, meaning no aggravating seems under your boots and socks. This also means the breeches are so so easy to get on and off! Which is always a bonus after a long days riding!


And if you need any more reasons to try a pair, they all are absolutely stunning, even if I do say so myself!

Aidan Connor