Hey Team AD! :)

Its 2016, Finally ! Cant believe how 2015 has flown by, doesn't seem 2 minutes ago it was January last year, scary stuff! So i just thought it would be nice to take a look back on the crazy year that was 2015.

We had a super start to 2015 with the fantastic news that my top horse Amelie was back, fit & ready for action with a full year of jumping ahead of us, which was like all my birthdays & more had all come at once So we started the year off with a bang up at Morris EC at the development show in march, 2 brilliant big results, with Amelie DC & 5th in the Winter B&C qualifier for hick stead & Achillus S aka Tiny Tom DC & 2nd in the Winter Grade C qualifier & qualifing for the final!    

After then the summer season was slowly upon us, so we were ticking over nicely with them all, with some good placings in local 1.30, B&C's & a DC 4th 1.40 with Amelie & Tom. Bruce was being good old bruce keeping the winning up in newcomers & Foxhunters.


As soon as we knew it, it was Bramham international Horse Trials, one of my favourite shows with it being on my doorstep. I had the best bramham id ever had, finally jumping the Bramham Classic on Amelie just having the last two fences down, much to my delightment. Then good boy Tiny Tom jumps a super DC and comes 4th in a very strong 1.30, wow, wow, wow!! Actual Shock haha.


But by far my absoulte favourite part of 2015 was jumping at The Great Yorkshire show, FINALLY! My dream is to have had a horse capable of jumping at show a huge amazing show & Amelie was that horse, ready, finally to give it a go. To my amazement, being my first year on horses jumping there & Amelies first year jumping there, we produced a clear round, in the 1.50 Accumulator with a 1.60 Joker! It was my best memory & best day of my life, a childhood dream of mine, sounds pathetic, but it meant the world and more to say I've jumped a clear round at the GYS. All yorkshire folk will understand why its such a big deal, I promise haha. 

Definitely the highlight of 2015!

We've started 2016 with some good results in 1.30's with consistent double clears. Next show is Aintree Elite show next week for 4 days, which I'm very much looking forward to! Thank god for AD tracksuits, them showers are cold, trust me! All it did was snow last year, so there a must this time!

We are aiming to go to all the major big shows, throughout the year with our team. For all the HOYS qualifiers, Area trials and Grand prixs all over the country with both amelie & tom.

We are also planning on going abroad this year at some point, as international showjumping is fantastic, will keep you posted on to were as we decided to go 

Obviously being sponsored by Aztec Diamond makes my whole competition wardrobe a lot easier as i don't have to worry about looking good at all the shows as I'm definitely winning in that department haha Its gives me such a great image with me being a young person in kool, current & afforable clothing, which is pretty kool. Its so nice seeing so many people wearing the products & everyone being a part of Team AD, its lovely to see. 

 Im super looking forward to 2016 with my horses & Aztec Diamond supporting me every step of the way, I cannot wait!

Lots of love, Ria Ginley xxx

Jane McGuire