So here they are -  FINALLY! Our brand new re vamped version of our best selling Technical Stretch Riding Leggings are ready and back online. As you probably all know we have been out of stock of this product in most popular sizes for quite a few months now. In fact we’ve been out of stock of this product in most sizes for most of the time we’ve been trading. As soon as we get them in stock our small and medium have always sold out, in most cases, within a day! I have now moved this product into a new production outlet closer to the UK so we can make lead times a lot shorter and hopefully have this product in stock from now on.
So what’s new? Not only have we improved the look of this product, the design and whole pattern of these leggings has been changed for equestrian riding comfort and practicality (although I will definitely be having a pair in every colour for the gym!).



As part of the update we have gone for a slightly different fabric. It still houses four way stretch and all the cooling technologies our old leggings had, it is also still a friction based fabric meaning you will be secure in the saddle. Our new fabric has a large percentage of Lycra woven in and is a heavier weight material. This means the leggings will hold you in and give more support. We have also updated our colours slightly; the new grey we have chosen is absolutely to die for! This new fabric is finished in more of a matte, which I think makes the colours look amazing with the new trims.
The main part of our update comes in the form of a whole pattern change for the product. Just like our breeches, we have added asymmetric paneling to our riding leggings! The seam that would usually go over the front of your knee cap has been re engineered to curve around the outside of your knee joint, this gives your knees total freedom whilst your leg is in position in the saddle! The fabric will move according to how you ride giving a total second skin feeling. They are almost too comfortable! This is also a real plus if you’re using your leggings to work out in!
My favorite part about my leggings re vamp is definitely the new waist band! It is so flattering; the flat, wide structured design gives you a seamless silhouette. They feel amazing on! Best part of the new design is obviously how good they make you look, but they are also extremely comfortable, making them super practical for riding. I wear mine all day in the office, to the gym and I also have a pair to chill in, they really are that comfortable!
So now were onto the final and most exciting part of the revamp – how they look! I am absolutely in love with the new image of these leggings. The chic but subtle gloss logo on the new matt fabric looks amazing! Im also quite shocked with how good the all black shinny logo looks on the Navy and Grey pairs, I cant decide what I like best! We have also added a new rubber logo trim onto the right side of the leggings with a hint of orange, slightly less blatant than the large orange diamond in the centre of the logo on our old design. I absolutely love it, especially how it works horizontaly while in the saddle.
I am absolutely in love with this new product and can’t wait to see all your customer snaps in them! Let me know your feedback and make sure you tag #aztecdiamondequestrian on instagram!
Jordan McCabe x
Jordan McCabe