“For anyone that doesn’t already know, my name is Jordan McCabe. I am the face behind the brand, miss Aztec Diamond herself. Clothing designer, entrepreneur, director, the brain of the operation as I like to call myself - what ever you want to class me as. Born and living in the north east of England UK, just turned 22 years old (birth year 1995), Aztec Diamond is my living dream. Launched in May 2014 and named after my beloved horse, Aztec Diamond Equestrian really is a dream come true for me. All I can ever remember wanting to do was design and own an equestrian clothing brand - as cliche as that sounds I have files full of drawings and designs from when I was as young as 10. I had been a keen show jumper from 8 years old, my life had revolved around my love for the sport and my horses. Although I have toned down the pink and sparkle, these designs eventually progressed to what you can see and purchase online today.

We have put together a short film so you guys can get to know me, the face behind the brand - how I stated Aztec Diamond and why I do what I do. I wanted to give an insight into my journey so far and how I have managed to do what I have done! I feel like I have such a personal bond with my customers through our social media platforms so I wanted everyone to get to know me too! Hope you all enjoy the video, I want to say thank you to all the support and success I've received so far - cant wait for the future!”

- Jordan McCabe x


Bethan Willey