Our artist collaborations are an on-going project in which Aztec Diamond team up with unique and strong female talent to create special one off art pieces in a range of styles all inspired by our brand. 

For our most recent art collaboration we have teamed up with the uber talented Anna Featherstone (@Anna_victoriart on instagram) to come up with a collection of amazing digital pieces - we managed to catch up with Anna and talk to her about everything from inspiration to AD.


Where do you get your inspiration from?

My inspiration changes all the time - you can see from my instagram I’m still trying to settle on my art style because it changes all the time depending on what I’m enjoying the most. Often when I used to draw by hand I would pull inspiration from instagram but after taking part in inktober last year (a month long art challenge where artists to create an ink drawing for each day in October and post it online) I started using prompt words as my inspiration and let my drawings flow naturally from there. 


What style are you working with the most now?

At the moment my style has definitely evolved into minimalistic Digital art and I’m really enjoying it - I thrive of the challenge of creating cool, individual pieces that speak volumes by using the bare minimum, without eyes and subtle features.


What first sparked your intensest in Art & design?

I cant remember what completely sparked my interest - I do remember being very young, my mum used to trace pictures from books for me and I would colour them in - she says I came out of the womb with colouring pencils! I started to take my art seriously around 4 years ago - starting with handmade cards developing into digital drawings, the interest in my art has really grown over the past year and I’m extremely humbled. 


 Whats your goal with your art and career?

I would definitely like to become a full-time freelance designer and create pieces just like the ones I’ve done for Aztec Diamond. I’m not totally sure how to get there but that’s is definitely the aim!


 How do you feel about your collaboration with Aztec Diamond?

My collaboration with Aztec Diamond has helped me create some of my favourite illustrations to date. Its been a while since I’ve drawn from photographs and its helped me break through a bit of a mental art block I’ve had recently. I love the style I’ve chosen for these images and I plan to have some more fun using these techniques in future. I am so grateful to Aztec Diamond for this opportunity, seeing my work appreciated by such a big brand is truly amazing and the lovely comments I have received, it reminds me why I do what I do.



Want to see more of Anna's art work? head to instagram and follow @Anna_victoriart

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