Continuing our Art collaboration series, Aztec Diamond Equestrian are proud to present our third collaboration with self taught equestrian artist and super talent Caroline Smail, who has worked with us to produce a stunning water colour sketch inspired by ourselves.

When talking about strong and inspirational women, you could say Caroline is the embodiment of the phrase - having ridden all through her childhood a cancer diagnosis at 11 left her unable to pursue her passion of show jumping. It was during these early years that sketching became a way to connect with the animals, escape invasive chemotherapy and operations - and where a true natural talent surfaced. 
Over the following years Caroline underwent numerous operations, an above knee amputation and a medical discovery that after fall resulting a broken back that her spine was slowly disintegrating. Not disheartened by this and without the ability to keep a normal job, Caroline set out to make art her career - still crediting horses her reason to get out of bed on a morning.
When she’s not busy producing beautiful pieces of art, Caroline spends her free time with her 5 dressage horses - in spite of doctors advice to stay out of the saddle she still rides daily, training and competing able bodied dressage respectively. 
“Vital” is the way she describes horses and art to her life, they are the fundamentals to providing an escape and her true passion and go far beyond being simply a career, as an artist she uses mainly water colour and specialises in action pictures to capture life like movement in imaginative life like art. 
Continuing to celebrate passionate women and their creativity - this art collaboration has been an inspirational one for showing that determination and strength to push forward nurture talent and that if you put your mind to it - anything is a possibility. 
We hope you enjoy this collaboration and look forward to ones coming in the future. 
Carolines art is available to buy or be commissioned on her website
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