So very excited to introduce our blog take over 04. We are joined by Roxanne Legendre - Frech equestrianisrta, digital native & creator of extremely successful equine art and fashion blog PegaseBuzz! Roxanne tells us about the face behind the blog, how it all began and gives any aspiring bloggers inside advice!
Hi Roxanne! Thank you for taking the time to feature in our blog takeover series. I am such a huge fan of your blog and am so excited to hear all about it!
For anyone that hasn't heard of your blog before, tell us a little bit about the theory behind it?
PegaseBuzz is all about the ultimate in equestrian world : art, fashion, dream barns, videos, advertising, marketing, innovation, interviews of inspirational people, lifestyle… and horses !
Your blog has become extremely successful and popular! How long has the blog been running? 
I started the blog on january 2011. My little baby is 5 years and half now !! :)
What was the aim when you initially started the blog? 
My purpose was and still is to give a unique vision of what I call the ‘contemporary horse’ through different fields. I wanted it accessible so that it would be interesting for both horse people and general public.
You have built an amazing community around PegaseBuzz, it is very inspirational! Did you ever imagine it would become what it is today?
Not specifically, but I always say : success is all about work ! PegaseBuzz is the visible part of the iceberg :) I always enjoy to converse with my community on the different social medias. It is important to me to be open minded and learn from each other to progress and offer the best.
Most people will only know the blog and not the face behind it, who is Roxanne Legendre?
You have a point! I never thought it was really important to tell more about my personal or equestrian life. I am a 25 years-old French equestrianista. Digital native. Sometimes, my friends call me ‘PegaseBuzz’ instead of Roxanne – it makes me really feel invisible then lol. I like watching Blacklist, Devious Maids, Orange and The New Black and Big Bang Theory. Big fan of Justin Bieber’s music (since 2012, yes yes yes). My favorite horses are most of time… black. And if I could live somewhere else, it would be in Madeira.
Is PegaseBuzz your full time career or do you have another avenue of work besides this?
Absolutely not! I want to keep it as a passion. I work as a Digital Strategist in Paris for various clients. I particularly like working in the cosmetics area.
A lot of the amazing photography you feature on the blog is actually done by yourself!! Did you train in photography?
I started photography at 14 yo as self-educated. To me photography is not about using the best camera or the best lens but taking the best moment what ever your medium is. I use a Canon camera or my iPhone 6S to take my pictures. Then, it is all about feeling the moment.
I imagine this will be a query of many people, where do you get your inspiration for the blog?
Haha, yes ! Indeed, this is my biggest secret…
For anyone aspiring to start their own blog - do you have any advice? 
Before starting your blog, the most important thing you have to know is : WHY do you want to start a blog? When you know from where you come from, it is easier to know where you want to go!
You seem to have a large interest in showjumping, has this been a hobby/interest of yours for a long time?
Not at all! I really discovered the showjumping world when I worked for Gucci Paris Masters in 2013. I had to learn all the riders’ name and some horses by heart… and recognize them in the field! Big challenge as I didn't know who where the most important french riders at this time… Now, I must say that I am more interested in the sport and all the work it implies than in the results strictly speaking.
The name PegaseBuzz is very unique, is there a story behind why you chose the name? 
First of all, you have to know that I am more a pegasus (pégase in french) person than a unicorn person. I like the idea that riding is flying ! And, in 2010, ‘buzz’ was the buzzword of the year and I liked the idea of ‘viral’ to spread all of my equestrian discoveries, therefore… PegaseBuzz was born!
Being fortunate enough to work with big companies, what has been the biggest perks of the blog so far? 
Thanks to PegaseBuzz, I had the chance to meet incredible horses, mostly in showjumping, and also incredible people, riders and readers, IRC and IRL! When virtual comes into real is the best that you can get. :)


Jordan McCabe