Name: Sofia Abramovich

Age: 21

Discipline: Show Jumping

Currently Competing at: CSI1*




  1. When did you first realise you had a passion for show jumping?


I grew up on an old polo farm so I was constantly surrounded by horses as a child. I would spend a lot of time at the stables when I was younger and it all stemmed from there. When I was 16 I went to watch the show jumping at the 2012 Olympics and that’s when I realised that show jumping was what I wanted to do.


  1. Could you tell us about the horses you have at the moment?


I currently have 3 horses that I compete:



Zanzi is a black stallion, he is so handsome and very exuberant in his jump! He gives you his all and he is so kind, you wouldn’t be able to tell he was a stallion as he’s so quiet. 


Sacree du Roue 

We call her Dora at home or Little Lady as she is a lady, she is very intelligent and loves to know about everything that is going on around her. 


Billy Fraulein

Fleur has so many nick names, she is the sassiest horse at home. She is a typical chestnut mare but she is so kind and she will try as hard as she can all the time! She loves cuddles and you could spend all day in the stable with her. 

  1. Do you keep to a strict training schedule?


Our training varies depending on which competitions I have coming up and what are goals are. Normally the horses have Monday’s off and then we usually jump about 3 times a week, they also get flat worked and we hack them too to give them a break from constantly being in the school. You don’t want your horses getting bored! 


  1. What has been your career highlight thus far?


My biggest highlight was actually this year at Bolesworth, me and Dora won the amateur class in the main ring! Other highlights include jumping in amazing locations at the GCT tours such as Paris, London and Monaco. 


    5.  Do you ever struggle with pre-show nerves and how would you overcome them?


Of course I do, I find that being prepared helps me! I usually get nervous before going into the ring so I find that the best thing for me is having a warm up routine. I walk the course with my trainer, we walk the exact lines that I am going to take so that when I do go into the ring I know exactly what I should be doing at every moment of the course. Having a plan is important and remember that every horse is different so bare that in mind when walking the course. 


  1. Outside of competing, how do you unwind and spend your time?


I’ve just graduated university so I haven’t really had a chance to unwind between studying and riding. However, now that I’ve got more free time, I like to spend it with my family and friends. I have a really big family who are spread all over the world which means I do have to prioritise family time over my horses. 


  1. What are the top 5 horse products you couldn’t live without?


In no particular order they would have to be:

1) my AD technical leggings/breeches, I like to be comfy! 

2) my CWD tack, so many horses have issues from ill fitting tack.

3) my gloves, I can’t ride without them! 

4) my Fabri riding boots.

5) my Charles Owen helmet, again this is a product that I would never ride without. 


  1. What is the best horse-related advice you’ve ever been given?


“Go in and have fun” or “just enjoy it and remember to breathe”

Right before I go into the ring, I ride for fun and because I love it. I need a reminder to not be nervous and just have fun with my horses! 


  1. Which riders do you admire most in the sport?


This is a tough question as there are so many riders out there! I would have to say that McLain Ward is one of my favourite riders as well as Scott Brash. I’ve been training with Peter Charles, him and his three children are all amazing riders too! 


  1. Describe your equestrian style


My equestrian style is very simple. I like to be comfy when I’m riding! Outfits vary on what I’m doing during the day. 


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