We are getting so many messages everyday asking when we are restocking products and getting more orders delivered so I thought it would be easier to just write it as a blog post! I would first like to apologise for the little amount of stock thats currently available on the website. We are in-between season change so are waiting on quite a few large orders to finish in production and be delivered, we have completely ran out of pretty much all popular products.

I am so so excited for the new SS17 products to start to arrive, they have all been updated and are better than ever, I can’t wait for you to see them all! We have brand new leggings in four colours, new base layers in seven colours, finally getting our breeches back on the shelf with a complete fit and fabric update which is amazing! Other products include fabulous new colours in our leisure wear and updates on tshirts and bras. All new products should be ready and online within the month. We also have a very exciting brand new range of horse wear in production which is something we have never done before, that should arrive for the peak of the season. We will be keeping you all up to date on social media so watch out for the reveal dates to be announced!

Apologies again for the wait, Jordan ADE xx


Danny Carrington