The feeling I get every year when I launch a new collection and see the hype and response from you all is certainly one of the soul reasons I am so passionate about what I do. Initially, I thought the buzz from launching a new range would get dimmer every season after doing it a few times but I can honestly say it just gets more and more exciting. The brand gets bigger, the range expands and the products improve. For me there is no feeling quite like receiving the first set of samples and seeing my drawings come to life. The whole process is so rewarding and I can honestly say I love my job. The buzz leading up to this launch in my office now we have a larger amount of staff has been such an amazing atmosphere, its literally been like the run up to christmas. 
I say this every time, but I am absolutely in love with my new summer collection. The colours, the styles, the fabrics ooze chic style and I can not wait to reveal them all and get them online.  Included in the new range is a brand new style of leggings available in 5 colours, finished with a zipped pocket and sporty branding. We also have eight new base layers in the most sensational colours! Im sure our new orange is going to be a sell out! A new feature of these base layers is a new mesh panel down both sides and circle hole air vents added under the arms to make sure they’re as comfortable as possible in the summer months. Other new products also include technical short sleeve training tshirts, roll sleeve comfy print tshirts, an update on our bra design giving a higher level of support and some colour of the season khaki updates on some original products. Everything has been finished with chic sporty branding.
Breeches are not included in this launch but will be back early july! What an exciting year! - hope you all love the new range as much as we do! 
Jordan xx








Elouise Tupper