Aztec Diamond is a solutions-orientated brand, revolutionising the industry by creating contemporary, technology led products for the next generation of equestrian fashion. With innovation at the core of AD, our goal is to consistently innovate on the past and advance our industry for the future - bridging the gap between premium sportswear and every day luxury apparel. Empowering both riders of all disciplines and non-equestrians to look and feel their very best.


Founded in 2014 by UK born Jordan McCabe, Aztec Diamond inherited its namesake from the CEO’s beloved horse. McCabe began her journey at only 18 years, struggling to find fashionable, technical sportswear in the industry at an attainable cost throughout her show jumping career she decided to take the reins and fulfil her childhood dream of starting her own equestrian fashion brand. Designing premium quality products she felt were missing from the market, at an economical price point.

Fast forward 8 years and AD has forged its place as the UK’s leading equestrian brand - collecting multiple awards and earning recognition for solving solutions from equestrians world wide.

Hailed a riding revolution - the brand is renowned for inventing the riding legging/tight in 2014, pushing the idea of innovation further in 2016 through the introduction of the non-slip pocket onto an already best-selling product.

Fit, fabric and functionality remain at the forefront of the brand through its significant growth, pushing the boundaries of what equestrian performance wear can be through first hand knowledge, cutting edge technology and keeping product design and development in house, with each piece being built from scratch.

Proving itself to be a trailblazer through innovative products and campaigns, AD continues to keep it’s focus firmly on the future – evolving never before seen ideas, technologies and products to bring them to life.


"All I ever wanted to do was design equestrian clothing" Says Jordan McCabe, Aztec Diamonds founder "I still have folders full of designs for my pony and myself from when I was around ten or eleven, years old. Though the pink and sparkle have been toned down, these designs were the start of what would eventually evolve into the products you see online today"

Growing up in a working class background with no extensive experience in business or textiles, Jordan started the brand from the ground up as a teenager, finding there was a niche in the market for the products she wanted to create.

Striving to always be a true representation of her creative vision, Jordan continues to design and develop products herself in-house, alongside a growing team.

AD allows Jordan’s vision to be a constant evolution that she gets to share with others like her - an advantage she feels lies in being her own customer "I would never develop something I wouldn't wear now or have worn myself when I was younger, for me it's about constantly innovating but staying always true to our roots"

Through her work with Aztec Diamond, McCabe earned a place on the coveted Forbes' 30 under 30 list and has been the recipient of multiple awards such as Lloyds Bank's new entrepreneur of the year, Entrepreneur's Forum entrepreneur of the year and Great British Entrepreneur Awards best in retail.


AD believe everybody should be playing their part in helping the planet, no matter how big or small. What we do want you to know is that we never compromise our integrity and constantly continue to asses our sustainability factors.

Some of our best selling products are now made using recycled plastic bottles, with new fabric technology being continously explored by our designers to help AD go greener.

We hope that taking small steps like making sure our packaging bags for order shipping biodegradable and keeping our garment swing tags plastic free are what help us make bigger steps in the future.

We also reward our customers for helping us to take these steps - teaming up with reGAIN we offer exclusive online discount codes for your recycled clothes.