Revolutionising the Equestrian industry, through fresh attitude and modern design, we are Inspiring female riders to feel elevated, everyday. 

Here at Aztec Diamond Equestrian, we believe every woman deserves to look and feel good in their clothing. We wanted to create a range of highly technical, luxury products without the premium price tag. Offering cutting-edge

style and confidence to all equestrian women. Any age. Any budget. Any dicipline. Any level. 

ceo & Designer

CEO and Designer, Jordan McCabe was born and raised in County Durham in the North East of England. She fell in love with riding from being a little girl and persued showjumping throughout her teenage years. Although Jordan had no extensive experience in business or textiles, she turned her childhood passion for riding and designCEO and Designer, 

Striving to always be a true represntation of her creative vision, Jordan continues to design and develop every single AD product single-handedly, in house. Aztec Diamond allows Jordans vision to be a constant evolution which she gets to share likeminded women and her advantage lies in being her own customer and would never develop a product she wouldnt proudly wear herself. This is a key reason Aztec Diamond Equestrian reamins constanly innovative and true to its roots.

Five Years on, Jordan has won a number of awards, inclding New Entrepeneur of the Year at Lloyds Bank National Business Awards and even made the Forbes 30 under 30 list. Although she had driven the brand through some crazy changes over the years, her vision for Aztec Diamond Equestrian remains the same.

"Coming from such humble beginnings, It hasnt been easy- we've had to work hard and learn fast for Aztec Diamond to become what it is today"

the ad Story

 At age 7 Jordan began riding and was forever designing pink and sparkly tack for her then Pony, Paddy. Although the Designs have grown up a little since then, the passion and dream stayed the same.

Growing up in a working class background in the North East, Jordan understood the financial pressures and expectations for modern equestrians. To find something that looks good whilst being affordable and funcional at that time was nearly impossible. She saw a huge gap in the market for the thousands of equestrians just like herself. 

At age of 17, Jordan dropped out of her local college and set up her company, named after her beloved horse, Aztec Diamond. She started the company from the ground up, working from the dining room in her family home and learning as she went along. "If i didnt know something, I would just go out and find a way to teach myself." 

In its third year of trading, Aztec Diamond Equestrin grew so quickly in such a short space of time, We really struggled to keep up with demands and underwent five premisis moves in one year to cope with the business needs. Staff were stretched, mistakes were made, stock sold out- 2018 was a really crazy year for AD (I guess we learned the hard way!).

After adapting to the needs of the company, with better knowledge, more staff, a bigger warehouse- and incredible product development, Aztec Diamond Equestrian was reborn. By 2019 we had learned a lot about our products and customers and put everything into a new, flawless collection. We are so proud of everything we have acheived so far and thank our loyal customers for joining us on the Journey.

- Team AD x


As a clothing brand in 2020, we know how importnt it is to make proactive steps towards a more sustainable future. We have already made huge changes  in the past year, and plan to continue our positive movements.