Here at Aztec Diamond we believe that creativity is key to our brand identity and constant pushing forward of new ideas. Our founder and CEO Jordan McCabe decided that with our growing brand presence it was time we celebrated things that are rooted in our core identity - passionate women and their creativity.

As an on going project Aztec Diamond will be collaborating with creative women and girls who work in a number of methods and platforms to celebrate new ideas and combine art and the equine fashion world.

Our first collaboration was derived from “All that glitters isn’t gold” and the beauty of glitter art, working with Art Etoile we created a number of stunning images that showcase our latest campaign & collection through the talented eyes of Baia Gelashvili of Art Etoile. 


We hope you enjoy our collaboration and look forward to exciting ones in the future. 


Keep Dreaming, 


Team AD x






Bold Commerce Collaborator