Travelling with your horse can be a big job. Aztec Diamond have you covered with our easy step by step guide to travelling with your horse - so you can spend more time riding than packing.



Preparation is everything to making travelling as easy as possible. The day before going anywhere the first job is making sure the trailer, lorry or whichever you travel in is all set to go.


  • Put shavings down, this makes it easier to clean out later (and handy for any accidents that might happen)
  • Check that all the tyres are all pumped up and that it is ready to hook up first thing in early in the morning.
  • Pack the trailer too, this means putting up a hay net and making sure you have a water bucket or two spare. 


After the trailer is all set and ready to go the next thing to do is prepare the horse. It's always best to arrive somewhere looking presentable and clean.

  • The day before take your mud loving horse and wash their legs, tail and give them a good groom. Depending on where you're travelling will depend on how clean and ready you will want to get the horse.
  • Another bit of preparation to do with your horse is wrapping their legs with standing wraps. This helps with two things. The first is it helps if your horse gets swelling in their legs from standing in a stable overnight ) and the second it helps to keep legs clean and stain free. 



  • Give yourself plenty of time. Always add on a good hour to what you actually need. This gives you time if you have forgotten anything, if your horse won’t load and even traffic later on in the journey.
  • The best thing to do when I reach the stables is hook up your trailer and pull it into a safe loading position.
  • Do any last minute packing, this usually means your saddle, bridle, grooming kit and any other essentials. A top tip is to have a checklist for each thing you need.
  • Get your horse ready to go. This usually means putting on your horses travel boots, a fleece and a leather head collar (safety first).


For easy travelling, the main thing to do is be prepared. Giving yourself plenty of time, making sure you have absolutely everything you need and more before you set off - follow this easy guide and remember your check list for your fool proof way to do so.

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